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Investor Opportunities

While the Arizona real estate market is hot, the Downtown Scottsdale commercial real estate market is one of the hottest. Creating passive income with real estate is simple with the income producing properties of Downtown Scottsdale. We get many inquiries from investors all over the world specifically interested in our market. Since we have the luxury of being based in this very special real estate market as well as having years of relationships & knowledge with those down here, we are in a unique position to have the inside track. Many of our transactions and investments never have a chance to hit the market. If you are interested in investing in Downtown Scottsdale or participation of a building share, contact us to discuss current opportunities we have.

In the Chinese Zodiac, the OX is thought to be the sign of prosperity through fortitude and hard work. People born under the influence of the OX are dependable, tireless in their work, and traditionally filled with common sense, an active mind, and an unparalleled appreciation for beauty and helping others. While not all of our team is born under the OX, we all live, breathe and work under this influence. It is our “OX” philosophy.

We look forward to providing our experience, and our philosophy, in solving your real estate needs.

OX Urban Properties